Sartoria Letteraria

Sartoria Letteraria is a project that connect my passion for writing with the one with (s)fashion. Is a way to tell clothes and weave word together, in a world makes of fabrics, colors, ink, letters and prints. Everything is handmade, as in the old tailors, from models to the application until the quotes that accompany every piece and every object. In my tailoring I don’t sew only fabrics, but also words, phrases, piece of books that become new stories, extemporary novels, motivational quotes or dedicated thoughts…even on commission! Every garment a story, every accessory a message, every postcard a special phrase.

Wearable is the “wearable” part, made with recycled materials and fabrics (and also a part in original african WAX) taken from old market or recovered in wardrobes, to give new life to disguised clothes and not put new clothes in circulation.

Readable is everything that you can read and that lay on paper: a postcard to send, a page that talk, a luck roll with an uncommon message or a new novel written sampling different pieces of other books.

Sartoria Letteraria is original, artisanal, free from trends and seasons; is pop, colored, and ironic…personalized and customizable.

Read and Wear. Wear what you read.


My very first collection was shown in London back in 2003, and it was a riot of colors, patterns, applications and bananas. I never went into production with that story, I was still too young and inexperienced. Only 7 years later came Pygiama & Superstar, my first brand whose basic assumptions were comfort, feminine lines, practicality and quality fabrics with a sporty touch. In this occasion the production was small, I never loved serial things; the collections did not follow the seasons but my inspiration of the moment, because I have never even loved the frenetic times of fashion and that lose value to the studied and sweaty clothes after just a few months. There was a summer break with the Seally line dedicated to the sea and the swimwear, then I needed a moment of pause.

The moment of pause came in my moment of crisis with the world of fashion even if mine has always been a relationship of love / hate. What I felt that fashion as it was developing was losing value, that fast fashion was swallowing the beauty, transforming us all into serial consumers of products with high fashion content but very poor in terms of materials and workmanship. I went into the intricate universe of sustainability, ethics, the environmental impact of our choices and how much more than new collections we need to re-educate ourselves to a different consumption and to tell “the other fashion” as unique possible option not to implode buried by tons of t-shirt from € 2.99 discarded by big companies. Yes, I know, it was a dark and tragic moment, in which I thought over and over again to leave the field and go to sell piadinas on a beach. Instead I wrote SFASHION and I decided that I would spread as much as possible the idea of ​​a different fashion, the more respectful of the environment and of human lives possible.

In all this moment of crisis has come between my curly hair the idea of the Sartoria Letteraria as a project where to make writing and fashion live in an artisanal way: sewing words together and writing with fabrics creating new wearable or readable compositions. It seemed to me the best way to combine these two passions that keep me alive forever without having an identity crisis every week and having to choose one or the other thinking about “what do you want to be when you grow up?“. The crises gradually come to me, but I focus on my project and try to do my best. ;)


All the products of Sartoria Letteraria are artisanal, sustainable, free from the seasons and practical. I’ll explain why …

ARTISANAL: The production is not km0, is directly 50 meters from the bedroom ;) I have a small lab in the garden (when I live in Italy) and a corner in the living room (when I live in Ibiza); I dream of a studio where I can expand, but nomadism does not allow me at the moment and the spirit of adaptation wins. I personally create every object, occasionally availing myself of the help of Simona, a precious and precise friend with golden hands, or of Angela, a lady from Prato who continues to do this tailoring job as it used to be in the past. As for the modeling, in which I am not really good at, I work with two incredible professionals: Enrica, Prato pattern maker who has worked for the major Tuscan brands and now set up on her own, and Sabrina, fashion designer and pattern maker “old school” (works with old-fashioned paper and pencil) specializing in theatrical costumes and tailored suits. This is my little female team!

SUSTAINABLE: Sustainability is a value difficult to measure and over these years I have discovered that being 100% sustainable is impossible. What I try to do is try to impact as little as possible on the environment and make choices of materials / accessories produced in a certain way and above all recovering and recycling. For the materials I use a lot of fabrics recovered in the stock of Italian companies in the Prato district, old collections, advanced fabrics, remnants and everything that lies in warehouses, but also recycled fabrics such as bed sheets, curtains, tablecloths or kitchen rags. From time to time I destroy and reuse old clothes, transforming them. I also use the African WAX, taken directly from local producers in Senegal, Burkina and Mali (with the collaboration of associations that operate directly on site). Sometimes I print original patterns made by me or illustrators with whom I collaborate on The Color Soup, printing on GOT certified cotton (this is a minimal part for limited editions), or Franco, the owner of an old company in Como that prints fabrics.  Not being industrial or even serial productions, the quantity of objects put into circulation is limited and controlled.

FREE: Free from the trends of the moment, from the seasonality imposed by the system. There are no collections but suggestions, unique pieces that start from an idea, a material, a vision, a word that is transformed and comes to life. In the end…i’ll do what i like when i like! ;)

PRACTICE: Practicality I fear being my obsession or anyway an essential feature. I never agree with the saying “to look good a little you have to suffer” and I have always tried to combine practicality, femininity and comfort … obviously according to my vision of things. The garments / accessories I realize have simple lines ( the less seams there are for me and the better it is ; )), they are easy to wear and they are often multifunctional (the same thing can be used in various ways, this is an obsession too since my graduation year).

SPEAKING: Words, secret messages, motivational phrases and stories are hidden in every garment or stand out in every new object. Me and my typewriter Antares Capri 1968 have fun writing on paper and fabric and leaving thoughts and messages on the back of a t-shirt, inside a headband or under a picture. Obviously, on request, these messages are customizable.

You can find the creations of “Sartoria Letteraria” here or order your personalized version by writing to

You can also find me in the design markets in Italy (November-April) or Ibiza (May-October); follow me on instagram to be updated on my movements or subscribe to the newsletter. Some pieces are also available in selected stores in Italy, Ibiza, Formentera, Antwerp. If you have a store and are interested write me :)